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Improving in 1 week

I have been suffering from unpleasant gynecological issues for years, despite of using several different brands of feminine hygiene care product, the results were indeed disappointing and those problem still makes a comeback. Until a doctor recommended me to try out Esui. Amazingly the problems that has been bothering me for years were completely gone in just 1 week.

Thank you Esui for your great companionship! 

– Miss Grigoreva, professional stage performer

Balanced hormones

I suffered from post-partum hormonal imbalance after giving birth to my second child.

After using Esui feminine hygiene Wash recommended by my doctor, my problems have been gone after I have continuously using it for 2 weeks.

– Miss Phoon, housewive 

Immediately cleansed

As my confinement completed, I was troubled by acute discharge, making me uncomfortable. After my first use of “ESUI”, I almost felt refreshed and light. Weeks later, my discharge is noticeably reduced.

– Miss Dong Li, radio program regular guest  

My best Friend

I get to know Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash through the advice of my friend.

All my gynecological problems has been cured and I have been using this amazing product since 3 years ago.

Thank you Esui! My best friend forever!

– Miss Anna Hristenko, professional model

Free of Feminine Problems

I am a regular user of Esui products. I have been free of feminine problems for years after the usage of Esui feminine hygiene.

– Miss Cheng Ying Jie, theatre artist

Natural Detox

I have suffered from abnormal discharge before using Esui feminine hygiene wash.

Within the first week of using this product, I had increased in discharge due to the detoxification process induced by the product.

However, I realized that my problems has been eliminated after 3 consecutive weeks of using Esui feminine hygiene wash.

Esui has always been my best intimate care partner since then!

– Miss Mia

Feeling refreshed

I am happy that I do not face any serious gynaelogical problems but I really loved Esui as I feel refreshed after used.

Esui has natural extracts from plant essences such as Kacip Fatimah that bring many goods to me.

– Nur Aisyah, student


I was one of the victims who suffers from chronic discharge problem.

However, a pharmacist had recommended Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash to me when I felt helpless on ways to cure the problem.

After only two weeks of usage on Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash, I have found decreased in discharged and soon the problem had fully disappeared.

That was 7 years ago,

and now, Esui is still my best friend always!

– Miss Loh, sales assistant

Moisturizes my skin

After trying out “ESUI” for a few washes, I can feel that it has helped to improve my personal intimate care and most importantly, it moisturizes and refreshes me. ESUI is essential to all women. It should be used to replace ordinary shower foam.

– Miss Zhang, ex-Miss Singapore

Esui® Helps You Build Healthy Routine

  • Taking care of the hygiene is always the first step to maintain good health. Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash with essences extracted from natural plants, gently cleanses intimate areas, helping to maintain a sensible pH balance for all-day freshness and comfort.

How do I know if it is right for me?

  • Extracted essences from natural herbs 
  • Tested in Health Sciences Authority Product Notification No: CCPN0815903 that it is compliance with all requirements of Health Products (Cosmetic Products – ASEAN Cosmetic Directive)
  • Certified HALAL by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) Ref. no. A89173
  • Over hundreds of positive endorsement or testimonials and years in market

Other Testimonials

See what she says

Get your healthy intimate with the right intimate care.


It really works as told. I am happy with the product.


I have always felt discomfort during and after my menstruation period. I am very sensitive on the cleanliness on intimate care during this period.

Until I have encountered Esui, I have no more worries as this amazing product always keeps me refreshing and healthy


I am married with 2 children and Esui is really one of the best choice for feminine wash.


After 1 month usage of Esui feminine hygiene wash, I have freed myself from discomfort itchiness.

I am also still using Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash now!


I have experienced an improved in my gynaelogical condition after using it for 2 weeks!


I am so thankful for Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash for freeing me from the awful problems. I would say Esui is definitely a treasure for all women.


Being so thankful of its wonderful effects, I am now recommending Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash to all my customers who are facing problems.


I can feel the effect after a month of usage. The 150mL pack can last up to 2 months with regular daily usage.


Long sedentary office works cause poor ventilation to the lower body and I was prone to infection. After using Esui everyday, I feel freshed at all time.


I use Esui everyday and I really love the mildly scented smell.


I think Esui is the most creditable feminine hygiene products in the market. It is the only product that yield cleansing effects in the shortest time.


When I was young, my mother used to told me about the great benefits of using traditional herbs such as sireh and kacip fatimah in maintaining feminine health. I am happy that I found Esui so I can save all the hassles in preparing the herbs for my feminine health.


And I have to admit that I really love its natural fragrance and the refreshing sensation. No regrets at all in choosing Esui and I am now using it as my daily feminine hygiene care.

Ms Jhesse Lim

  • Classic Mrs Asia International 2014 (Winner)
  • Mrs Malaysia Queen Of Glamour 2013 (Winner)
  • Esui Global Ambassador

I am the regular user and supporter of Esui

This amazing product has helped me to stay hygienically healthy and kept me away from possible feminine issues for years.


I will only use Esui. Any other brands… will never be on my wish list

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