Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash (150 mL)


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Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash

Asia No. 1 Feminine Daily Care Hygiene Wash

Get your healthy intimate with the right intimate care.



for your everyday comfort & care

Natural Anticeptic

Natural Detoxification

Lighten Pigmentation

Prevent Gynaecological Diseases

Lubricate & Tone Up

Why Choose Esui®?

The essences of traditional herbs in a bottle

Get healthy intimate with the right intimate care.

Quercus Infectoria / Manjakani Extracts

Active Ingredients: Tannins

  • This  extracts serves as:
    1. Natural anticeptics with tannic acids
    2. Restore the epithelial owing to the astringent properties of the extracts
    3. Supply polymeric flavonoids in the form of nano-molecules to reduce the cellular oxidation due to free radicals.

Labisia Pumilla / Kacip Fatimah Extracts

One of the most powerful source of phytoestrogens

– Dr Wan Nazaimoon Wan Mahmud, Head of the Cardiovascular, Diabetic & Nutrition Centre at IMR

  • Exhibits the pharmacokinetics of Selective Estrogen Receptors Modulators in clinical studies
  • Has been used traditionally for years in post-partum recovery
  • Labisa Pumila extracts can stimulate the proliferation of vaginal tissues

Piper Betle Leaf / Daun Sireh Extracts

  • Active ingredients: Piperine
  • For the synthesis of antioxidant enzymes
  • Protect feminine tissues and neutralizes free radicals.

Accredited Awards

Esui®, as an award-winning lineup product is perfect for daily use, leaving you feeling confident and clean throughout the day.

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