Frequently Asked Questions

Balanced feminine cleansing

Daily feminine cleansing is compulsory for the prevention of feminine problems. Are you still using water, normal soap / body shampoo for your feminine hygiene?


If you think facial products are important, so do feminine care

Be beautiful and confident from the inside, intimate care requires a higher attention than you think. Start pampering yourself today.

What is Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash?

  • Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash is a premium feminine wash product formulated in France with great benefits for feminine health.
  • It has been widely used by women in Asia since year 2006.

How do I know if it is right for me?

  • Extracted essences from natural herbs 
  • Tested in Health Sciences Authority Product Notification No: CCPN0815903 that it is compliance with all requirements of Health Products (Cosmetic Products – ASEAN Cosmetic Directive)
  • Certified HALAL by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) Ref. no. A89173
  • Over hundreds of positive endorsement or testimonials and years in market

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how it works!

Who doesn't need Esui?

– Not required for those who haven’t had their first menstruation (period).
– Use only 30 days after giving birth.
– Use only 60 days after undergoing an operation.

What may occur after using the product?

As ESUI Feminine Hygiene Wash uses traditional herbs that helps you to discharge toxins. Please be aware that the following symptoms will normally occur. 
– First month discharges will be especially dirty after using the product.
– Some dirty internal secretion will discharge a few days before the menstruation.
– It will delay or advance your menstruation.
– Discharge of some internal secretion maybe experience after the menstruation.
All the above are normal reactions, please don’t worry.

Why do you say that there is an increase in internal secretion?

The labisia Pumila or Kacip Fatimah’s ingredient is the strongest among all phyto-estmgens. It helps to regulate hormones and naturally increases internal secretions. Even Dr. Wan Nazaimoon Wan Mahmud, Head of Malaysian Heart, Diabetes & Nutrition Research Centre, agrees that Kacip Fatimah contains the strongest phyto-estrogen.

Which is the most suitable pH value for feminine hygiene wash?

Research by school of medicines of Chelsea University reveals that the product of hygiene of the genital area must have the same pH value of the genital area (normal pH value of the vagina is from 3.8 to 4.2). Our product is manufactured by adhering with the standard of pH 4.0

How do I choose the best feminine wash out there?

Easy. Find one that: is doctor prescribed, has natural ingredients and is not strong-scented. Doctors usually encourage women to strictly follow these guidelines in buying and using a feminine wash because doing so guarantees your intimate’s health, your money’s worth, and your personal satisfaction.  

Why is soap / shower gel less suitable as feminine wash?

You may know intimate area pH is weakly acidic, but do you know that the women in different stages from hitting puberty to entering the menopause stage, there will be changes in intimate skin due to the hormone secreted at different levels of lead.

Once the pH value loses its balance, Lactobacilli, which produces a shielding lactic acid that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria may not able to function properly

When should I use Esui?

– When you are taking your daily bath
– When you have to spend long hours in the office
– During menstruation
– Before or after sexual intercourse
– When you have a job assignment outstation office or while you are traveling oversea

Can men use Esui as well?

The answer is yes. Among Esui users, there are also male users which have been using this product and given positive feedbacks towards the product as well.

Direction of use

learn to maintain your feminine health

The direction of use is also available at the back of the product


Pour out a suitable amount on your hands and lather it up



Apply it on the feminine area and leave it for about 30 second


Lastly, rinse with fresh water


But what about after?

learn to maintain your feminine health

Daily cleansing

After the usage of Esui® and it is suitable to you, you may maintain a daily usage as frequent as you bath.

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